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Dutch Foundation Support B.V.

Dutch Foundation Support B.V.
Gelkenes 12

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About DFSupport

Let me tell you something about D.F.S.

My name is Jan Verhagen and I start in April 2006 with my own company.

The name is Dutch Foundation Support b.v. and the main intention is to give Support to the foundation industry and the off-shore business.

The last years I get the experience that in this branche there were no companies available which were orientated on Support in this business. With my knowledge and experience from the last 16 years , I get the idea to start my company so I can give support in this branch to the technical aspects.

Example of my activities:

- Innovation

- Work preparation and process planning.

- Modification of material / materials.

- Development of new techniques.

- Support by report of damages or inspections.

- Set up and escort management of workshops.

- Develop new equipment.

- Manage of technical cases.

- Promotion of goods/equipment delivered through other manufactures.

- Assist sight managers.

- Supervisor on different projcets.

- Acquisition and sales of different goods.

- Piling equipment for sale

To get an visual impression of my activities look in the map "projects".